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Too Close to Home

Natalie Abrams, David Hudgins, Liz Tigelaar, Robia Rashid, and Javier Grillo-Marxuach


Recorded live at ATX Television Festival, Season 6

Inspiration for a story can be drawn from an infinite amount of places, one of which is the writer’s own personal experience. These writers discuss storylines they’ve created or by happenstance been assigned to that have mirrored parts of their own lives, how they walked the line between truth and fiction, and how they personally tackled subjects that might be a little too close to home.

Panelists: David Hudgins, Liz Tigelaar, Robia Rashid, Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Moderator: Natalie Abrams (Entertainment Weekly)


Breaking Down the Binary

Nico Tortorella, Cameron Esposito, Rhea Butcher, and Aisha Dee


Recorded live at ATX Television Festival, Season 7

For LGBTQIA viewers, TV has long been a medium of binaries -- gay or straight; male or female; cisgender or transgender -- but the past few years have seen a swell of characters who aren’t so easily defined. From teen soaps, to cable dramedies, the spectrum of visibility has grown to include bisexual+ and non-binary characters who are more in tune with the viewers they represent, and less the product of tropes and stereotypes. Hear from the creators & creatives behind these series as they discuss what this visibility means for LGBTQIA audiences, and why breaking down the binary is an essential part of moving representation forward.

Panelists: Rhea Butcher (Take My Wife), Cameron Esposito (Take My Wife), Nico Tortorella (Younger), Aisha Dee (The Bold Type)


On Duty

Graham Yost, Anna Fricke, and Tyler Grey

“ON DUTY” presented with Student Veterans of America

Recorded live at ATX Television Festival, Season 7

This past and current season of TV has seen multiple series capture what life is like while serving in the military. The creators/showrunners of these series work closely with military consultants, including hiring veterans on their crews and writing staffs, to ensure accuracy. Listen in as these writers and consultants discuss their working partnerships, the objectives they are trying to portray in representing active military life, military culture, and the challenges they face when recreating service and reintegration storylines for mainstream audiences.

Panelists: Mikko Alanne (The Long Road Home), Graham Yost (The Pacific), Anna Fricke (Valor), Tyler Grey (SEAL Team), Eric Bourquin (The Long Road Home)

Moderator: Jared Lyon (President of SVA)

This conversation is presented with Student Veterans of America.


Her Body, Her Choice: TV’s Abortion Dilemma

Rina Mimoun & Mauricio Mota

“Her Body, Her choice: TV’s abortion Dilemma” presented with Hollywood, Health & Society

Recorded live at ATX Television Festival, Season 7

In the 45 years since Norman Lear faced off with standards & practices over Maude's “dilemma” (a first for the small screen), creatives have been fighting to de-stigmatize the female body and by extension, the right to choose by including birth control and abortion as more than just a "special episode." Primetime and Cable have seen major characters faced with a decision about sex and pregnancy, unplanned motherhood, and even onscreen abortions. While the topic remains a cultural, social and political pressure point, women are slowly seeing their experiences reflected back with urgency and empathy. Listen in as the creatives behind these stories discuss the challenges of tackling women’s reproductive health onscreen, the challenges and successes they experience, and why realistic depictions of choice are still so hard to come by.

Panelists: Mauricio Mota (East Los High), Rina Mimoun (Everwood)

Moderator: Kate Langrall Folb (Hollywood, Health & Society)

This conversation is presented with the Hollywood, Health and Society.


Why Does TV Matter?

Lauren Whitney and Karey Burke

“why does tv matter?” presented by the hollywood reporter

Recorded live at ATX Television Festival, Season 7

We often ask ourselves, would Friends or Seinfeld, shows that follow 4-6 white, heterosexual characters, be made in 2018? Every year executives strive to expand representation both in front of and behind the camera in order to include a wider range of races, religions, sexualities, and cultures, but there is always more progress to be made. Listen in as these key decision makers discuss why these changes are essential, what strides their companies are making to be more inclusive of all types of people, and how they believe this evolving television landscape is impacting society.

Panelists: Sarah Aubrey (EVP Original Programming, TNT), Lauren Whitney (President of Television, Miramax), Karey Burke (EVP, Freeform Programming & Development), Carolyn Newman (SVP Scripted Programming, eOne)

Moderator: Lesley Goldberg (The Hollywood Reporter)

This conversation is presented with the The Hollywood Reporter.


Stories Without Walls

Lorella Praeli and Mauricio Mota

“stories without walls” presented with the ACLU

Recorded live at ATX Television Festival, Season 7

In recent months, immigration storylines have become central plots for a number of TV shows. These writers and producers, along with a representative from the ACLU, discuss the importance and power of story, how they work together to ensure authentic representations of current issues, the impact it has on viewer’s opinions on immigrants, Dreamers, refugees, and deportation, as well as the actions they hope audiences are inspired to take by these fictional characters.

Panelists: Mauricio Mota (East Los High), Tanya Saracho (Vida), Gloria Calderon Kellett (One Day at a Time)

Moderator: Lorella Praeli (ACLU Immigration Advocacy Leader)

This conversation is presented with the ACLU and The Syndication Project.

Read more about #OneVidaataTime on Variety, and visit RAICES Texas to donate and learn more about their ongoing efforts to #KeepFamiliesTogether.


Power(ful) TV

Gloria Calerdon Kellett and Tanya Saracho

“power(ful) TV” presented with the Television academy

Recorded live at ATX Television Festival, Season 7

As society has changed, so has the role of storytelling on TV. In the current political climate, what is the obligation of series creators and writers to showcase divisive social issues, diverse cultures and ethnicities, and opposing opinions on an array of ‘hot topics’? These creators have already excelled at including storylines that have expanded awareness on these issues, and they now discuss what they feel is the responsibility of TV in not only entertaining, but pushing the norm, challenging beliefs, and ultimately moving the social needle by presenting audiences with different points of view.

Panelists: Gloria Calderon Kellett (One Day at a Time), Tanya Saracho (Vida), Mikko Alanne (The Long Road Home), Timothy Busfield (thirtysomething)

Moderator: Lindsay Scola (Director, Talent and Public Relations, Television Academy)

This conversation is presented with The Television Academy.